Abrasives Media


Steel Shot

Media to remove the sand on the surface of the iron and steel castings. Eliminating the crust on the surface of iron and steel forging .

Steel Grit

Removing ( deburring ) of old paint that have been damaged or faded . Remove scale from contaminated surfaces . Creating a profile ( roughness ) on the metal surface so the paint is attached .

Zinc Shot

Used for products made ​​of zinc , aluminum and manganese , as it serves to restrain the explosion because the blasting process is very hot .

Shot Peening

Used in the cold working process . Dipeening surface of the product which will generate dimple ( dimple ) and the residual stress thereby increasing the fatigue properties of materials ( hardening ) . Part-part process that in Shot Peening such as : Gear , clutch spring , aircraft and automotive spare parts


Used for deburring and chamfering the products are made of plastic , copper . Average for electronic parts and fine stamping .

Brown (/White) Aluminium Oxide

Plastic Media

Used in sandblasting machine for remove burry the form of plastic as well .


Used in sandblasting machine for the removal of paint on pipes oil & gas , pump , and the like .

Glass Bead

Used in sandblasting machine for rust removal process without reducing the dimensions of the workpiece surface .

Cut Wire

Make the product surface becomes rough and porous . Typically used after heat-treatment process and before the painting process .

Pasir Silica

Used in sandblasting machine to clean the surface of dirt and remnants of material that is not needed .

Compound & Media

Media used for deburring objects that are in demand fineness very tight ( shiny ) generally to the process cleaning objects such precision bearing.